Tiny House Village

In the beginning… we took into account how shared ownership can make for a cohesive community that bonds with nature by creating a village setting that considers topography, orientation of sun, seasonal influences, privacy, and proximity with each other. Common values, shared responsibility and collective energies are old world attributes seen in some local cultures like the Amish. It seems reasonable that a few kindred souls can find their way to SoFair Farms and generate a well executed community of Tiny Houses and happy family.

This first take of what could be, utilized existing buildings and adds common spaces and private homes of different sizes. In that plan Vastu design standards were applied. At this time the first tiny house, TH-1, is finished and available for sale with Membership. We made considerable changes such as bumping up half the roof for a loft with 5' headroom.  We added Geo-thermal and solar PV; completed the 20' x 10' home, built much from recycled materials from a barn harvested for Tiny House materials. This home is next to the Vulture shed and has panoramic views of the farm and glade below. Our small pond was removed to make way for one three times the size that was built this past fall. Select sites remain available as only 3 are reserved as of now.

Final Site Plan for the Village at SoFair Farms

Videos of TH 1 Beginnings

Click here for a Video of the floor framing

Click here for a Video of the construction and view from the roof.

Click here for Drone Attack on TH-1

Click here for Tiny House-1 For Sale 

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